Moringa Oleifera Leaves

Price : INR 90.00 / Kilogram

Packiam Botanicals is one of the renowned Processors, Exporters and Suppliers of Moringa Oleifera Leaves. Moringa oleifera is one of the world's most useful plants. The Moringa tree is commonly named for its long bean-like fruit the Drumstick Tree. It is an extremely fast growing tree, drought tolerant and leaves and pods are of high nutritional value. It is commonly consumed in curries and contributes to a cheap and highly nutritious meal.

Moringa is available as Leaves in bulk for extraction, Leaves in tea cut and powder form for using in various ingredients and in Tea bags for drink as Tea with hot water directly.

Moringa is an ideal plant for the Dry Zones

  • Use : leaves (vegetable), pods/drumstick fruit (vegetable), roots (oil), bark (medicine)
  • Purpose : food and medicinal purpose
  • Cultivation : requires very little space to thrive does neither need irrigation, nor artificial fertilizers or pesticides produces fruits/vegetable and leaves for more than nine months of the year

Nutritional value of drumstick leaves
Drumstick leaves are full of essential disease-preventing nutrients, they contain :

  • 7 times more Vitamin C than oranges to fight many illnesses including colds and flu
  • 4 times more Vitamin A than carrots against eye disease, skin disease, heart ailments, diarrhea
  • 4 times more Calcium than milk to build strong bones and teeth
  • 3 times more Potassium than bananas essential for the functioning of the brain and nerves nearly equal amount of Protein as in eggs basic building blocks of all our body cells.


Type Herbs
Place of Origin India
Packaging Bale or Gunny bag
Form leaves
Part Leaves

Additional Information

Min. Order Quantity 500 Kilogram
Payment Terms L/C
Packaging Details We can pack as per customer interest, in bale of about 100 kgs or in Gunny bag.