Gloriosa Superba

We are engaged as the most prominent Exporter and Supplier of Gloriasa Superba from Tamil Nadu. Gloriasa is cultivated in more than 10000 acres in and around 100 kms of our locality by well trained and experienced farmers. Gloriasa Superba is a good abortifacient causing expulsion of foetus from the womb. It cures leprosy, swelling, piles, chronic ulcers, colic pain in bladder.

Export market for the production of Colchicine, which is used in the production of drug for treatment of Arthitis. Tamil Nadu is considered as the preferred area for cultivation of Gloriosa superba.

Uses Of Gloriosa Superba

  • Gloriosa Superba cures leprosy, swelling, piles
  • Paste is antidote in snake bite
  • Chronic ulcers, colic pain in bladder
  • Extract of Gloriosa Superba is CNS depressant
  • Gloriosa Superba is used in veterinary medicine to treat cancers in some animals
  • Gloriosa Superba is used mainly for treating Gout, Arthritis and Rheumatism


Dried Dried
Packaging Size 20 Kgs
Packaging Type Plastic Bags
Chemicals Used No
Color Red
Product Offered Seeds